Phytochemical analysis and biological activity of Ziziphora tenuior L. essential oil

نویسندگانمریم اخباری,محمدجواد حسینی زاده,علی اصغر انگاشته واحد
همایشنخستین همایش اسانس ایران
تاریخ برگزاری همایش۲۰۱۶-۵-۱۰
محل برگزاری همایشکاشان
سطح همایشملی
چکیده مقالهGC-Mass analysis of the essential oil of aerial parts from Ziziphora tenuior L., growing wild in Qamsar (Kashan, central Iran)., extracted by simultaneous hydrodistillation-extraction technique (SDE), revealed 16 compounds with pulegone (80.01 %) as the main component. Antioxidant activities for the essential oil were also evaluated in this work using β-carotene and DPPH free-radical bleaching assays and exhibited high activities for the essential oil. Antimicrobial activity of the mentioned plant was determined and confirmed sensitivity of all examined bacterial strains and some of the fungi to the pulegone-rich essential oil.