نویسندگانمریم اخباری,نرگس یاسا,محمدرضا دلنوازی,عباس حاجی آخوندی,سعید توکلی,رضا حاجی آقایی
همایشپنجمین کنگره ملی گیاهان دارویی
تاریخ برگزاری همایش۲۰۱۶-۵-۱۸
محل برگزاری همایشاصفهان
سطح همایشملی
چکیده مقالهEssential oils extracted from aromatic plants are known since ancient times for their fragrance, antiseptic, food preservative and medicinal properties [1]. Ferulago trifida Boiss. is one of the nine Ferulago species represented in flora of Iran [2]. This species grows as an endemic plant in northwest of Iran [2]. In this study, flowers, stems and leaves of Ferulagotrifida were collected from Alamut, Ghazvin province, Iran. The plant was dried and extracted by Clevenger apparatus, antimicrobial activities of the mentioned oil were tested against some gram positive and gram negative bacteria via disk diffusion method and the activity was expressed as minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) [3]. Although the oil samples were inactive on E. coli, they exhibited a moderate (IZ: 10-15 mm) to very strong (IZ: mm) antibacterial activity on the other seven bacterial strains (Table 4). Among the essential oils, antibacterial activity of the flowers oil on S. epidermidis (IZ: 19 mm, MIC: 125 μg ml-1), stems oil on S. epidermidis (IZ: 34 mm, MIC: 125 μg ml-1), S. aureus (IZ: 29 mm, MIC: 125 μg ml-1) and B. subtilis (IZ: 22 mm, MIC: 250 μg ml-1), leaves oil on S. aureus (IZ: 25 mm, MIC: 125 μg ml-1) and fruits oil on S. paratyphi-A (IZ: 25 mm, MIC: 125 μg ml- 1) were greater than positive control, gentamicin (IZ: 21 mm, MIC: 500 μg ml-1 for S. aureus, S. paratyphi-A and B. subtilis and IZ: 18 mm, MIC: 500 μg ml-1 for S. epidermidis). Among the tree tested fungi, A. brasiliensis was only found susceptible to flowers, stems, leaves and roots oils (IZ: 11 and 12 mm).