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1Inverse and expansion problems with boundary conditions rationally dependent on the eigenparameterSeyfollah Mosazadeh and Aliasghar Jodayree AkbarfamBulletin of the Iranian Mathematical Society06-06-2019
2The uniqueness theorem for the solutions of dual equations of Sturm-Liouville problems with singular points and turning pointsSeyfollah MosazadehSahand Communications in Mathematical Analysis13-02-2019
3Differential equations with a singularity and turning point of second orderAbdolali Neamaty, Abdolhadi Dabbaghian and Seyfollah MosazadehInt. J. Math. Anal2008
4Asymptotic solutions and eigenvalues of second-order differential equations with poles and turning pointsAbdolali Neamaty and Seyfollah MosazadehAppl. Math. Sci2009
5On the canonical solution and dual equations of Sturm-Liouville problem with singularity and turning pointAbdolali Neamaty and Seyfollah MosazadehIranian Journal of Science & Technology, Transaction A2010
6On the canonical solution of Sturm-Liouville problem with singularity and turning point of even orderAbdolali Neamaty and Seyfollah MosazadehCanadian Mathematical Bulletin2011
7On the uniqueness of the solution of dual equation of a singular Sturm-Liouville problemSeyfollah Mosazadeh and Abdolali NeamatyProc. Indian Acad. Sci. (Math. Sci.)2011
8Uniqueness theorem for the solution of an inverse spectral problemAbdolali Neamaty, Seyfollah Mosazadeh and Maedeh BagherzadehCaspian Journal of Mathematical sciences2012
9Infinite product representation of solution of indefinite Sturm-Liouville problemSeyfollah MosazadehIranian Journal of Mathematical Chemistry2013
10The stability of the solution of an inverse spectral problem with a singularitySeyfollah MosazadehBull. Iranian Math. Soc2015
11Eigenfunction expansions for second-order boundary value problems with separated boundary conditionsSeyfollah MosazadehMathematics Interdisciplinary Research2016
12A new approach to uniqueness for inverse Sturm-Liouville problems on finite intervalsSeyfollah MosazadehTURKISH JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS2017
13The uniqueness theorem for inverse nodal problems with a chemical potentialSeyfollah MosazadehIranian Journal of Mathematical Chemistry2017-12-01
14On Hochstadt-Lieberman theorem for impulsive Sturm-Liouville problems with boundary conditions polynomially dependent on the spectral parameterSeyfollah Mosazadeh and Aliasghar Jodayree AkbarfamTURKISH JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS2018
15On the solution of an inverse Sturm-Liouville problem with a delay and eigenparameter dependent boundary conditionsSeyfollah MosazadehTURKISH JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS2018
16Energy levels of a physical system and eigenvalues of an operator with a singular potentialSeyfollah MosazadehReports on Mathematical Physics2018
17The asymptotic formula for the eigenvalues of Sturm-Liouville problems with one turning point of negative orderSeyfollah Mosazadeh and Reza MajidiIranian Journal of Science & Technology, Transaction A2018
18On the numerical solution of an inverse spectral problem with a singular potentialSeyfollah Mosazadeh, Abdolali Neamaty and Maedeh BagherzadehInternational Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research2019
19A stability result for an inverse problem with integro-differential operator on a finite intervalSeyfollah Mosazadeh and Hikmet KoyunbakanJournal of Integral Equations and Applications2019-06-11
20Spectral properties and a Parseval’s equality in the singular case for q-Dirac problemSeyfollah MosazadehAdvances in Difference Equations2019-12-19
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