The stability of the solution of an inverse spectral problem with a singularity

AuthorsSeyfollah Mosazadeh
JournalBull. Iranian Math. Soc
Presented by‎University of Kashan
Page number1061-1070
Serial number5
Volume number41
Paper TypeFull Paper
Published At2015
Journal GradeScientific - research
Journal TypeTypographic
Journal CountryIran, Islamic Republic Of
Journal IndexISI, ISC


This paper deals with the singular Sturm-Liouville expressions egin{eqnarray} ell y equiv -y''+q(x)y=lambda y end{eqnarray} on a finite interval, where the potential function $q$ is real and has a singularity inside the interval. Using the asymptotic estimates of a spectral fundamental system of solutions of Sturm-Liouville equation, the asymptotic form of the solution of the equation (0.1) and the eigenvalues are obtained, and proves the stability of the solution of the inverse spectral problem

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