Mixed convection heat transfer: an experimental study on Cu/heat transfer oil nanofluids inside annular tube

AuthorsAli Akbar Abbasian Arani, Hossein Aberoumand, Amin Jafarimoghaddam, Sadegh Aberoumand
Presented byUniversity of Kashan
Page number2875–2884
Volume number53
Paper TypeFull Paper
Published At2017
Journal GradeISI
Journal TypeElectronic
Journal CountryIran, Islamic Republic Of

The heat transfer and flow characteristics of Cu–heat transfer oil nanofluid during mixed convection through horizontal annular tubes under uniform heat flux as boundary condition are investigated experimentally. Data were acquired at low Reynolds number ranged from about 26 to 252. The applied nanofluid prepared by Electrical Explosion of Wire technique with no nanoparticles agglomeration during nanofluid preparation process and experiments. Pure heat transfer oil and nanofluids with nanoparticles weight concentrations of 0.12, 0.36 and 0.72% were used as the working fluids. Based on these results, Effects of nanoparticles concentration, heat flux and free convection on the thermal field development are studied under buoyancy assisted flow condition for Grashof number, Richardson number between 2820 and 12,686, and 0.1–10, respectively. Results show that Nusselt number increases with an increase of nanoparticles weight concentrations from 0 to 0.72% under certain Richardson numbers.

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