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1Threefold Functions of the Heart in Pascal's View and Their Relations to the Nature of HumanHasan Ahmadizade & Mahnaz AlirezaeanReligious Studies2020
2Quasi- Occasionalistic Causation in the Philosophy of DescartesHasan AhmadizadeJournal of Philosophical Theological Research2020
3Possibility or Impassibility of a Methodological Theology in St Paul's LettersHasan AhmadizadeMarifat-e Adyan2020
4A Critical Survey of the Linguistic and Historical Approaches in Western Quran Studies (Motaleate Qurani, 2019Hasan AhmadizadeMotaleate Qurani2019
5"Hegel’s Ethical View in the Light of his Criticisms of Kant’s Ethical View" (Akhlaghe Vahyani, Qom, 2017).Hasan AhmadizadeAkhlaghe Vahyani2017
6"A Critical Survey on the Book Herame Hasti" (Critical Investigations, Tehran, 2017).Hasan AhmadizadeCritical Investigations2017
7"Immortality in the Christian Phisicalistic Theology: A Critical Survey" (Philosophical Investigations, Tabriz, 2017).Hasan Ahmadizade & Tayyebe GholamiPhilosophical Investigations2017
8"Ebne Malahemi' s Critics on Philosophers' s Psychology: A Critical Survey" (Qabasat, Qom, 2017).Hasan Ahmadizade & Tayyebe GholamiQabasat2017
9"Problem of Evil in the Process Philosophy and Transcendental wisdom" (Falsafeye Din, Qom, 2016).Hasan Ahmadizade & Tayyebe GholamiFalsafeye Din2016
10"Three Concepts of God in the Contemporary Christian Philosophy; A Critical Survey" (Jostarhaye falsafeye din, Tehran, 2016).Hasan AhmadizadeJostarhaye falsafeye din2016
11"Analytical Thomists's viewpoints, especially Anthony Kenny's, on Thomas Aquinas's thought about Being: A Critical Study" (Falsafe, Tehran University, 2014).Hasan AhmadizadeFalsafe2014
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