Babak Ganji

Educational Information

GradeGraduated AtMajorUniversity
BSc2000Electrical Engineering (Power)Isfahan University of Technology
MSc2002Electrical Engieering (Power)University of Tehran
Ph.D2009Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Tehran

Employment Information

Service LocationPosition NameEmployment TypeCooperation TypeBase
University of KashanFaculty MemberCertain OfficialFull Time9

Executive Activities

  • Head of the Electrical Engineering Department (Sep. 2011 to Sep. 2012)
  • Head of the Power Department (Sep. 2012 to Sep. 2014)
  • Associate Dean of the Faculty in Undergraduate Studies and Graduation (Sep. 2014 to 2018)



 Basic Electrical Engineering, Electrical Machine I, Electrical Machine II, Special Electric Machine.


Graduate (MSc and PhD):

Electrical Machine Design, Special Electrical Machine Design.

Research Activities