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1Thermo-magneto-mechanical long-term creep behavior of three-phase nano-composite cylinderAhmad Reza Ghasemi, Komeil HosseinpourComposites Science and Technology2018
2A new approach to reinforce the fiber of nanocomposite reinforced by CNTs to analyze free vibration of hybrid laminated cylindrical shell using beam modal function methodMasood Mohandes, Ahmad Reza GhasemiEuropean Journal of Mechanics-A/Solids2019
3Residual stress and failure analyses of polymer matrix composites considering thermal cycling and temperature effects based on classical laminate plate theoryAR Ghasemi, A Tabatabaeian, M MoradiJournal of Composite Materials2018
4Effect of carbon nanotube on cured shape of cross-ply polymer matrix nanocomposite laminates: analytical and experimental studyAhmad Reza Ghasemi, Mohammad Mohammadi FesharakiIranian Polymer Journal2018
5Creep strain and stress analysis in laminated composite pressure vesselsAhmad Reza Ghasemi, Komeil HosseinpourMechanics of Advanced Composite Structures‎2018
6Physicochemical and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy/Polyurethane/Nickel Manganite Nanocomposite: A Response Surface Methodology/Central Composite Designs StudyNayyereh Shabani, Masood Hamadanian, Ahmad Reza Ghasemi, Marzieh SarafraziJournal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials2018
7Failure analysis of the Nol‐ring polymer matrix composites under thermal cycling.AR Ghasemi, M MoradiPolymer Composites2018
8Molecular dynamics simulation and thermo-mechanical characterization for optimization of three-phase epoxy/TiO2/SiO2 nano-compositesGhasemi, A. R.-Hamadanian, M.-Sarafrazi, M.-Najafidoust, APolymer Testing2021
9The SWCNTs roles in stress/strain distribution of three-phase multilayered nanocomposite cylinder under combined internal pressure and thermo-mechanical loadingAhmad Reza Ghasemi, Komeil HosseinpourJournal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering2018
10Development of a new analytical framework for deflection analysis of un-symmetric hybrid FRP laminates with arbitrary ply arrangement and MWCNT reinforcementTabatabaeian, A.-Lotfi, M.-Ghasemi, A. R.-& Roohollahi, S.Engineering Structures2021
11Free vibration analysis of micro and nano fiber-metal laminates circular cylindrical shells based on modified couple stress theoryAhmad Reza Ghasemi, Masood MohandesMechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures2018
12A Semi-analytical and experimental approach using molecular dynamic simulation for thermo-mechanical properties of surface functionalized epoxy/polyurethane/ MWCNT/ ZnMoO4 nano-compositesSarafrazi, M.- Ghasemi, A. R.- Hamadanian, M.Fibers and Polymers2021
13Modeling creep behavior of carbon nanotube/fiber/polymer composite cylindersAhmad Reza Ghasemi, Komeil Hosseinpour, Masood MohandesProceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part N: Journal of Nanomaterials, Nanoengineering and Nanosystems2018
14A new insight into impact of thermal cycling on the un-notched and circular hole polymeric composite rings via naval ordnance laboratory-ring testاحمدرضا قاسمی,علی طباطبائیان,مهدی مرادیJ COMPOS MATER2020-09-01
15Comparison between the frequencies of FML and composite cylindrical shells using beam modal function modelAhmad Reza Ghasemi, Masood MohandesJournal of Computational Applied Mechanics2018
16Experimental investigation of cooling conditions, MWCNTs and mandrel diameter effects on the thermal residual stresses of multi-layered filament-wound composite pipesسیده سارا امیراحمدی,احمدرضا قاسمیJ COMPOS MATER2020-06-30
17Mass and buckling criterion optimization of stiffened carbon/epoxy composite cylinder under external hydrostatic pressureAhmad Reza Ghasemi, Mohammad Hadi HajmohammadLatin American Journal of Solids and Structures2018
18Synergistic effect between CuCr2O4 nanoparticles and plasticizer on mechanical properties of EP/PU/CuCr2O4 nanocomposites: Experimental approach and molecular dynamics simulationمرضیه سرافرازی,احمدرضا قاسمی,مسعود همدانیانJ APPL POLYM SCI2020-06-04
19Modified couple stress theory and finite strain assumption for nonlinear free vibration and bending of micro/nanolaminated composite Euler–Bernoulli beam under thermal loadingMasood Mohandes, Ahmad Reza GhasemiProceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science2017
20Determination of the influence of thermo-mechanical factors on the residual stresses of cylindrical composite tubes: Experimental and computational analysesاحمدرضا قاسمی,بهزاد اصغری,علی طباطبائیانINT J PRES VES PIP2020-06-01
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