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1The discourse of praise and rebuke of the governors from the point of view of Amir-mu'minnan(AS),based on Nahj al-Balaghamohamad hasan lavasani- mohsen ghasempourderasat alhadisieh fel nahjolbalaghe2019
2Semantic oppositions of the Right in the Quran Relying on the Structural SemanticsALI FATHI-MOHSENQASEMPOUR- RAZIH SADAT SEYED KHARASNILinguistic Researches In The Holy Quran, Vol. 8 , No. 2 , 2019
3The genealogy the Tradition of ma raaytu Ella Wa raayato shayanElla Wa Raayto Allaho fihe and sufis interoertaion of itparviz rastegar mohsen qasempour mohamod ali saberiMysticism Studies2019
4An Analytic Examminationof HadiThs of Tim- based in Interrpretionn of quran framm Ahloll-baytMohamadhadi khalesi Moghadam mohsen Qasempour parviz rastegar hamid reza fahimi tabarTahqiqate-e ulme -equran wa Hadith2019
5The Particularities of Sheikhe Tuasi`s Rational Approach with an Emphasis on the ‎Verses 149 and 83 of An`am.‎Ghasempour, M, & Najafi Livari, M. ‎Journal of the Holy Qur'an and Islamic Texts.‎2018
6Comilation of Bihar al_anvar collecting the hadith dith or selecting themAbutaleb mokhtari Mohsen qasem pour parvizrastegarHadith Sciences2018
7Historica Review of the Thinkinng of Abrogating writingsintheThird and fourth centuriesMohsen qasempour fateme haj Akbarithe journall of Historical Appraoches to quranand Hadith studies2018
8Anin-Depth Meaning - oriented Examination ofspritualityparvizrastegar- mohsenqasempour kavosrouhi barandaqAsghar mohamadiMysticism Studies2018
9Concept of Educational Juxtaposition of Some of the Names of God in the Qur'an.‎Ghasempour, M,& Motia, M,& Kamalvand, P. ‎‎ Motale'at-e Qur'ani va Farhang-e Islami.‎2017
10The Documental and Implicational Study of the Hadith"I Have been Commanded to ‎Fight People".Ghasempour, M, & Shirinkar movahed, MPajuhesh-Ha-Ye Qur'an Va Hadis‎2017
11The Interpretation of the Words " Shahab" (Meteor) and"Sab'aSamavat" (Seven ‎Heavens) from the Perspective of Allama Tabatabayi, According to the Theory of ‎Layers of Meaning in the Qu'ran. Tahqiqat-E Ulum-E Qur'an Wa Hadith‎Ghasempour, M,&Fahimitabar, H,&AtoofiSalmani, AAnnual Proficiency Journal‎2017
12Al-Navader Ashari as a Hadith Source for Al-Kafi Koleini‎Qasempour,M- Aliakbarian,M.Studies of Understsnding Hadith‎2017
13An Investigation into the Origin & History of Misbah al-Ashari‛at wa Miftah al-‎Haqiq‛at.Rastegar, P- Ghasempour,M- Roohi,K.& Mohammadi, A. ‎Mysticism Studies2017
14Review of the Basics and Method of Contemporary literary interpretation from Amin ‎Kholi's Viewpoint‎Qasempour,M,- Pooyazadeh,A,- Emani,M‎Qur'anic Doctrines‎2017
15Methodology of Imam Ali`s Confrontation with Ethical Culture of Jaheliyah as ‎Reflected in Nahj al-BalaghahGhasempour, M,- Shenasvand, P.‎Quarterly Journal of Nahj al-Balaghah‎2017
16Muʿtazila vote in a Comparative Study between the Interpretative Methods of Tūsī ‎and Tabarsī. ‎Ghasempour,M -Masoudinia, S. ‎Biannual Journal of Qur'anic Language and Interpretation‎2017
17A Reanalysis of the Concept and Domain of Abrogation in Tebyan and Mafatih Al-‎Qayb CommentariesQasempoor, M- Mahdawirad, M- Haji Akbari, F‎Journal of Comparative Tafsir Studies‎2017
18Validation Basics of Bihar al-Anwar from Allamah Majlesi's Viewpoint‎Ghasempour, M - MokhtaryHashemabad, A ,‎Hadith Studies‎2017
19Study of the Reason for Employing Archaic Words in the Thirtieth Part of the Holy ‎Qur’an‎Ghahhari, K - Ghasempour, M- Rastegar, P. ‎Sciences of Qur'an and Hadith‎2017
20Typology of Demands and Answers in Nahj al-Balaghah. ‎Ghasempour,M,- Lavasani.M‎Quarterly Journal of Nahjol balagheh‎2016
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