Characterization of Various Coatings on Wear Suppression in Turning of Inconel 625: A 3D Numerical Simulation

AuthorsM Lotfi, H Ashrafi, S Amini
Page number734-744
Volume number231
Paper TypeOriginal Research
Published At2017
Journal GradeISI
Journal TypeTypographic
Journal CountryUnited Kingdom


Applying cutting tool with longer functioning time is a vital issue in machining of the nickel-based super alloys. However, the experimental analysis of this problem is quite expensive. Thus, three-dimensional numerical simulation of tool wear propagation in turning of Inconel 625 super alloy is taken into account, in this study. The cutting insert with complex geometry is modeled by using a reverse engineering method. Based on the cutting tool and workpiece material, Usui wear rate model is exerted to estimate the tool wear rate. In the first section, characterization of TiAlN-coated carbide tool, which is suggested by catalogue, on wear resistance is evaluated and then simulation results are validated with experiments. As a result, increment of depth of cut is the most effective factor on the generation of temperature and stresses on the tool faces resulting in wear rate acceleration. In the second section, different commercial coatings with multicompositions are applied in the simulation to find the best performance against wear. Finally, TiCN coating outperformed other coatings in turning of Inconel 625.

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