An analytical model of burnishing forces using slab method

AuthorsR Teimouri, S Amini, H Ashrafi
Presented byبلی
Page number630-642
Volume number233
Paper TypeFull Paper
Published At2019
Journal GradeISI
Journal TypeTypographic
Journal CountryUnited States


During the processing of material by burnishing operations, tangential and normal forces play a key role in determining the burnished surface quality, surface hardness, fatigue life, and state of residual stress. However, prediction of the burnishing force in major portions of the paper was based on the micromechanical force model on surface asperities that contain many simplifications and makes the understanding of the model quite complex. In the present work, an analytical study has been carried out to predict the ball burnishing forces in the tangential and normal directions. Firstly, 2D geometrical model of the process was developed to identify the acting forces and their relevant directions during burnishing. Then the forces were related to the burnishing pressure that is calculated by the slab method analysis. The obtained results were further verified by experimental trials. In addition, the developed models were used to analyze the effect of burnishing input variables such as feed rate, burnishing depth, ball radius, and friction coefficient on the forces. Results indicated that the experimental observations are in good agreement with the developed model. Hence, it can be significantly used to predict the forces acting during burnishing and it can provide comprehensive understanding of the effect of process factors on burnishing forces.

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