Ahmad Yoosofan


DegreeGraduated inMajorUniversity
BSc1999Computer Engineering (Hardware)Shiraz
MSc2003Computer Engineering (Artificial Intelligence)Shiraz

Employment Information

Faculty/DepartmentPosition/RankEmployment TypeCooperation TypeGrade
University Of KashanFaculty - InstructorTenure TrackFull Time11

Work Experience

  1. Head of Computer Engineering Department of University of Kashan. From 2008 to 2016.
  2. Member of Council of Virtual and distant Education of the University of Kashan. From 2009 to 2016.
  3. Organizer of the First Election of Syndicate of Faculties of the University of Kashan. Fall 2014.
  4. Organizer and Scientific Committee of the First to Fifth Annual National Students Programming Contest (ACM). From 2008 to 2013. (Unfortunately after the fifth contest, this contest was stopped being held because of some problems.)
  5. Unofficial advoisor of several companies and committes all around Iran.

Some Created Applications

Work Experience

  1. Programming at Computer Department of Shiraz Petrochemical Company, Summer 1997. Shiraz Petrochemical Company . Shiraz Petrochemical Company By Name . Thanks to Dr. Dastgheybifard for recommending me to the company.
  2. Working at Fars Electricity Distributation Company as programmer and maintainer, Summer 1998. Fars Electricity Distributaion Company .
  3. Other activities will be added soon. They are added to my Farsi CV, and I will add them to English soon.
  1. TA of Fundamental programming, Advanced Programming, Object Oriented Programming and Operating systems When I was BS. Student under supervision of Dr.Towhidi.
  2. Teaching several courses including Fundamental programming, Advanced Programming, Operating systems, Compiler, Database, File structure, Data Structure, Internet Engineering, Advanced Database, Modeling and Performance Evaluation, Operating Systems Laboratory and Computer Laboratory, Formal Language and Automata
  • Supervisor of 92 Bachelor Students Final Projects
  • Advisor of 3 Ms students.
  • Supervisor of "Hand Gesture Recognition using Deep Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks" By Fallah Obaid. Advisor: Amin Babadi.




Farsi (Persian, Native), English(Fulent), Arabic

Programming Language

Professional Intermediate Beginner
C PHP proglog
C++ XML Miranda
Python LaTeX, xelatex و XePersian  
HTML5 MATLAB و Octave Lisp
CSS3 Basic cmake
JavaScript Rexx bash
rst Java Pascal
SQL C# Markdown
  FoxPro - DOS  

Professional Programming on Linux, Window and DOS on different kind of computers including personal computers and small computers like Raspberry and NanoPi. Beginner programming on Android and IBM370.


Category Professional Intermediate
Install Linux based Operating Systems, Use and Troubleshooting Of Linux Based Operating systems mostly Ubuntu family (including Ubuntu-mate), Mandriva. Install, Use and Troubleshooting of Windows family (started at 3.1 to 10). Install and Troubleshooting of Dos Use of Android, IBM370 VMS, Vax Unix, Open Solaris, SCO Unix and IBM OS/400. Install and Use Fedora Linux, RedHat Linux and freeBSD  
Source Control Manager git bazar, svn
Editor and IDE Geany, kate, Vim, mcedit, Home Edit, C++ Builder, Turbo/Borland C/C++, Visual Studio, Emacs, Microsoft Front page, Dream weaver, FreeOffice
Editing Picture   Gimp,PhotoShop, Pinta, Inkscape, TUX Paint, MS paint, Corel Draw
Office OpenOffce/LibreOffice, Ms office  
Audio Editing   Audacity
Browser opera, firefox, IE, Edge NetEscape communicator
Email Client Thunderbird Outlook
Movie Editing   ‌Blender, handbrake, open shot
Programming Packages pygraphviz, numpy, scipy, matplot, tensoreflow, tornado, OpenCv Django
Virtual Machine VirtualBox, VmWare Qemu
Spreadsheet OpenOffice/LibreOffce Calc Gnumeric, Excel, QuatroPro-Dos
Install and use applications of Bitcoin, BCH, BSV, Monero, Ryo, Ombre, Zcoin, Sumokoin, BitTube, Zcash, ZCL, Zen and more
Setup and install miner and pool


Reading, listening and watching several kinds of books, magazines, documentaries in very different areas including society, religion, psychology, philosophy, history, politics.

Political View: Anarchism

Research Activities

Organizer and Scientific Committee of the First to Fifth Annual National Students Programming Contest (ACM). From 2008 to 2013. (Unfortunately after the fifth contest, this contest was stopped being held because of some problems.)


سال تحصیلی 1402-1403 Second Semester

شنبه ش یک شنبه ۱ ش دوشنبه ۲ ش سه شنبه ۳ ش چهارشنبه ۴ ش پنج شنبه ۵ ش
۸-۱۰ - -
برنامه‌سازی پیشرفته
- - -
۱۰-۱۲ -
اصول طراحی کامپایلرها
راهنمایی و مشاوره دانشجو ۱۱-۱۰
اصول طراحی کامپایلرها
- -
پایگاه داده‌ها
سیستم‌های عامل
پایگاه داده‌ها
سیستم‌های عامل
- -
برنامه‌سازی پیشرفته
راهنمایی و مشاوره دانشجو ۱۵-۱۴
- - - -
راهنمایی و مشاوره دانشجو ۱۷-۱۶
روش پژوهش و ارائه
- - - -
۱۸-۲۰ - - - - - -