: Guidance for Master Thesis:

       Student's name         Dissertation thesis
1- Hossein Maddahi, Para-psychology of the soul in Mathnavi- 2003
2. Hajar Rassouli- Correction and Stylistics of Qaisar-e-mail -2005
3- Abdul Razzaq Amiri- Corrections and Excerpts of the Court (Mahmood Alqsideh) Sepehr Kashani 2004
4- Batul Fallah  - Customs in the Divan Shams- 2006
5- Mahmoud Salesi - Social critique in Persian poetry until the 6th century-2007
6- Ahmad Reza Mansouri -The origin and structure of narrative ghazal in Persian poetry- 2006
7- Mohsen Mirzazadeh- Tawil in the works of Sanai- 2004
8- Mina Akkaf- Analysis and Study of Zohd Poetry in Persian Literature -2005
9. Rasoul Habibi- The Love Symbol in Poetry of nimaais Poetry - 2008
10. Mostafa Rahimi- Study of Cognitive Styles of Poetry Fereidoun Moshiri- 2009
11. Asyeh Mahdavi -The Manifestation of God's Image in Rumi's Masnavi -2010
12-Alireza Ashrafi- Correction of God's letter Sabai Kashani -2010
13. Maryam Jafari- Study of Chapters in Sana'i and Attar's Mathnavi -2011
14- Ahmad Reza Golabi- Culture of customs in the court of Khajue Kermani- 2011
15. Mohammad Ali Nezamzadeh- Description and Analysis of the Ethical and Educational Aspects of the Constitutional Context Poetry- 2011
16. Shokouh Abedinzadeh- The Study of the Cognitive Styles of Poetry Hasan Dehlavi -2012
17. Maryam mahbubi- Correction and Suspension of Masnavi Zinat alteb (First half) -2012
   Zahra Mojudi- Correction of Mirza Azima Aixir Divan (Section 2)-2012
19- Afsaneh Nadii- Correction of Ghazalat Vahid Qazvini (Part II)-2012
20-Asiye Moghzi- Study of the Style of the Poems of Hazin Lahiji -2012
21- Samira Ghasemi- Critical Correction and Suspension of Hedayat lyrics (Phase One) -2014
22- Nafiseh Taghrrobyan- Review and analysis of imagination in contemporary Ashura poetry- 2013
23- Nafiseh Nafisi- Study of Origin, Characteristics, Transformations, and Representatives Double verse in Persian Poetry- 2013
24. Kobra Sediqi- Study and analysis of differences and contrasts of Shams and Molavi, September- 2014
25- Mohsen Ebrahimi -Study of Key Words and Motifs of Modern Contemporary (Sepehri, Akhavan) -2015
26- Farzaneh Mostafavi- The Roads, Motives and Difficulties of Mysticism in Qasida Sanai -2015

27. Seyyed Hossein Dadkhah- Correction and Suspension of the Book of Maaden o alreza-2016
28- Mas'ud Vaseghi- Study of The flaws of word and word eloquence in the Naser Khosrow Tribunal-2017
29- Mohsen Baghmiri- A Study of the Purpose and Philosophy of Human Life in the Rumi -2018
B. Ph.D. Thesis:
1. Batoul Fallah- Methodology Comparison of Sophia Textbooks until the Seventh Year-September of 2018

10. Thesis advisor:
Student's name Thesis title:
1. Fatemeh Mahmoudian -Paradox in Contemporary Persian Poetry (based on poems by contemporary poets) 2009
2. Elham Arabshahi- The Sign of God in Ferdowsi's Shahnagh (1988)
3. Abbas Imaniyan- Review and analysis of references in the Sa'di tribunal (2011)
4. Toktam Bahrami- Correction and Suspension of the Moazan Khorasani Tribunal(2011)
5. Somayeh Asadi- Correction and Suspension of Masnavi Medi Zinat Al-Tab Hazaq Tabrizi (second half), 2012
6. Fatemeh Rahpeyma- Correction and Suspension of Asema Hashtom Masnavi Effect of Rouholamin Shahrestani Esfahani -2013
7. Samaneh Pourgholami- Study of postmodern components in Reza Amirkhani and Shahrnosh Parsipour's works-2013
8. Mozhgan Mohammadi- Correction of Divan Mirza Azimah Eiksir Esfahani (first half) -2013

9. Manijeh javadi - Examining Divine Exams and Experiments in Rumi Poetry -2015


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