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1Freedom and Sufismreza rouhaniTabriz School of LiteratureWinter 2006
2Quran and its interpretation from the Opinion of Nasser Khosrowreza rouhaniIslamic StudiesWinter 2003
3The Differences and Contradictions of Shams and Rumi in Individual and Seleucid Lifereza rouhani- kobra SiddiqiMysticism Literature ResearchSummer 2017
4Poetry motives and sources of inspiration from Rumi in the Divan Shamsreza rouhaniGohar GoyaSummer 2007
5The confrontation and difference of generations in the works of Sa'di-reza rouhani- Naser Nikobakht,Language and Literature ResearchSummer 2006
6Rumi and Freedomreza rouhaniMysticism StudiesSummer 2005
7Model for editing and writing (introduction and review of the book by Samiireza rouhaninameh e ParsiSummer 2002
8The Quran in Mathnavi manavireza rouhaniReligious ArtSummer 2000
9Analysis of Ghoshiri's Approaches and Approaches in the Book of Resale Ghoshiriyehreza rouhani- batool e FallahContemporary Wisdom(HEKMAT E MOASER)Spring and Summer 2018
10Shams' Disputes with Rumi in Opinions, Thoughts and Judgmentsreza rouhani-with kobra SiddiqiMysticism StudiesSpring and Summer 2015
11A new explanation of the causes and factors of delay in Masnavi in the second officereza rouhaniMysticism StudiesSpring and Summer 2011
12. Razavi's Revelations: A Brief and Appropriate Script for Mathnavireza rouhaniIran namehSpring and Summer 2009
13. The Grounds and Motives of the Prophet's Alliances in Mathnavireza rouhaniMysticism StudiesSpring and Summer 2008
14The narrative ghazal and its origin in Persian poetryreza rouhani-Ahmad Reza MansouriLanguage and Literature ResearchSpring and Summer 2007
15The Factors and Motives of Interpretation and Spiritual Interpretation of Texts in Mathnavireza rouhaniMysticism StudiesSpring and Summer 2007
16Structural Analysis of Ghazal " KUCHEHAE korasaan" by Qaisar Aminpourreza rouhaniLiterary ResearchSpring 2014
17Introduction of Sepehr Kashani and his poetic featuresreza rouhaniKashan ShenakhtSpring 1998
18Good work but not forever (review of the Book of Quran and Mathnawi - from Baha'uddin Khoramshahireza rouhaniLiterature and PhilosophySeptember 2004
19Reviewing and introducing the Divan of Hafiz to the efforts of Seyyed Mohammad Rastgoureza rouhaniketaab e mah e adabyaat(The Book of the Month of Literature)May 2014
20. Types and Dimensions of Light in Mathnavi (Common with elham e arabshahireza rouhani-elham e arabshahiTextual Criticism of Persian LiteratureForty-Seventh-Fall 2011
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