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1Sonochemical synthesis and characterization of CuInS2 nanostructures using new sulfur precursor and their application as photocatalyst for degradation of organic pollutants under simulated sunlightاعظم جعفری نژاد- حدیث بشیری- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریArabian Journal of Chemistry2022-05-27
2Temperature and stress-resistant solid state electrolyte for stable lithium-metal batteriesWenya Lei, Xingxing Jiao, Shugui Yang, Farshad Boorboor Ajdari, Masoud Salavati-Niasari, Yangyang Feng, Jianqing Yin, Goran Ungar, Jiangxuan SongEnergy Storage Materials2022-04-10
3Effect of g-C3N4 amount on green synthesized GdFeO3/g-C3N4 nanocomposites as promising compounds for solid-state hydrogen storageرضا محصل- مهدی شبانی نوش آبادی- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2022-03-16
4Sonochemistry fabrication of Er2Sn2O7 nanoparticles with advanced photocatalytic performance of their carbonic nanocompositesزینب طالب زاده- Qahtan A. Yousif- مریم مسجدی آرانی- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2022-02-23
5Catechin mediated green synthesis of Au nanoparticles: Experimental and theoretical approaches to the determination HOMO-LUMO energy gap and reactivity indexes for the (+)-epicatechin (2S, 3S)جواد ابراهیمیان- مریم خیاط کاشانی- نسرین سلطانی- Qahtan A. Yousif- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریArabian Journal of Chemistry2022-02-16
6A simple hydrothermal route for the preparation of novel Na–Y–W nano-oxides and their application in dye degradationسعید مشتاقی- مسعود همدانیان- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریRSC Advances2022-02-08
7Improved pechini sol-gel fabrication of Li2B4O7/ NiO/Ni3(BO3)2 nanocomposites to advanced photocatalytic performanceLayth S. Jasim- Makarim A. Mahdi- مهدی رنجه- مریم مسجدی آرانی- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریArabian Journal of Chemistry2022-02-07
8Agaricus bisporus extract as an excellent biotemplate agent for the synthesis of nano-plate Dy2Ti2O7/g-C3N4 and its application in electrochemical hydrogen storageمولود ولیان- مریم مسجدی آرانی- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریFuel2022-02-04
9Nanocomposite scaffolds based on gelatin and alginate reinforced by Zn2SiO4 with enhanced mechanical and chemical properties for tissue engineeringمژگان قنبری - مسعود صلواتی نیاسری - فاطمه مهندسArabian Journal of Chemistry2022-01-28
10Ca19Zn2(PO4)14 Nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization and its effect on the colonization of Streptococcus mutans on tooth surfaceعلی شکاری مقدم- حسین سفردوست هوجقان- امید امیری- مسعود صلواتی نیاسری- احمد خورشیدی- آزاد خالدیJournal of Molecular Liquids2022-01-22
11Electrochemical sensor based on a chitosan-molybdenum vanadate nanocomposite for detection of hydroxychloroquine in biological samplesرزیتا منصف - مسعود صلواتی نیاسریJournal of Colloid and Interface Science2022-01-10
12Fabrication of TlSnI3/C3N4 nanocomposites for enhanced photodegradation of toxic contaminants below visible light and investigation of kinetic and mechanism of photocatalytic reactionفاطمه یوسف زاده- Qahtan A. Yousif- مژگان قنبری- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریJournal of Molecular Liquids2022-01-07
13Sonochemical synthesis and characterization of aluminum tungsten oxide nanoparticle and study its impact on the growth of microalgaمحمد حسن پور - مسعود همدانیان- امید امیری- سید علی حسینی تفرشی- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریArabian Journal of Chemistry2021-12-29
14Morphology engineering of LiFeO2 nanostructures through synthesis controlling for electrochemical hydrogen storage inquiriesQahtan A. Yousif- مهدی رنجه- مریم غیاثیان آرانی- Abbas Al-Nayili- رزیتا منصف- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریFuel2021-12-25
15Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of toxic contaminants using Dy2O3-SiO2 ceramic nanostructured materials fabricated by a new, simple and rapid sonochemical approachکامران مهدوی- سحر زینتلو عجب شیر- Qahtan A. Yousif- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریUltrasonics Sonochemistry2021-12-24
16Green fabrication of graphene quantum dots from cotton with CaSiO3 nanostructure and enhanced photocatalytic performance for water treatmentمریم کرمی- Qahtan A. Yousif- مژگان قنبری- کامران مهدوی- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2021-12-24
17Comparative study on electrochemical hydrogen storage of nanocomposites based on S or N doped graphene quantum dots and nanostructured titanium niobateمریم غیاثیان آرانی- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریJournal of Alloys and Compounds2021-12-22
18Synthesis and characterization of carbon sphere-supported sand-rose like N-GQDs/NiCo2S4 structures with synergetic effect for development of hydrogen storage capacityمریم مسجدی آرانی- مریم غیاثیان آرانی- مسعود صلواتی نیاسریFuel2021-12-21
19Magnetic Lu2Cu2O5-based ceramic nanostructured materials fabricated by a simple and green approach for an effective photocatalytic degradation of organic contaminationسید میلاد طباطبایی نژاد - سحر زینتلو عجب شیر - امید امیری - مسعود صلواتی نیاسریRSC Advances2021-12-16
20Green sonochemistry fabrication of pure Gd2Sn2O7 nanoparticles with advanced photocatalytic efficiency for elimination of dye pollutionsزینب طالب زاده - مریم مسجدی آرانی - امید امیری - مسعود صلواتی نیاسریInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2021-12-07
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