Nano graphene oxide as solid phase extraction adsorbent coupled with dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction to determine ultra-trace quantities of propranololfrom urine samples

نویسندگانAli Gholami, Fahimeh Bahrami, Mohammad Faraji
نشریهTrends: Journal of Sciences Research
نوع مقالهFull Paper
تاریخ انتشار2018-09-18
رتبه نشریهISI
نوع نشریهچاپی
کشور محل چاپایران

چکیده مقاله

In this research, a new nano graphene oxide based solid phase extraction followed by Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction was applied as simple, rapid and sensitive determination of trace amounts of Propranolol(PRO) in urine samples with HPLC-UVD. Several factors influencing the extraction of PRO, such as pH, adsorbent amounts, extraction time, organic solvent type and the composition of solvent and desorption conditions were studied and optimized. Under optimum condition, the limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantification (LOQ) of the proposed method were 2 ng mL−1and 6.6 ng/mL, respectively. Good linear behaviour over the investigated concentration ranges (2-2000 ng mL-1) and good correlation coefficient of 0.9901(r2) were obtained. The relative standard deviations (RSDs) based on three determinations at 2, 20, 200 ng ml-1 levels of PRO was less than 9.7 %.The findings of the present study may provide clinical and diagnostic laboratories.