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1Positive effects of novel nano-zirconia on flexural and compressive strength of Portland cement pasteB Behnia, AAaliAnvari, H Safardoust-Hojaghan, M Salavati-NiasariPolyhedron2020
2An overview of several techniques employed to overcome squeezing in mechanized tunnels; A case studyA Eftekhari, A AalianvariGeomechanics and Engineering2019
3Influence of TBM o perational p arameters on o ptimized p enetration r ate in s chistose r ocks, a c ase s tudy: Golab t unnel Lot - 1, IranAalianvari&Eftekhari&RostamiCOMPUT CONCRETE2018-1-1
4Optimum depth of grout curtain around pumped storage power cavern based on geological conditionsAli AalianvariBulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment1-12-2014
5Role of geological structures in seepage from Lar dam reservoirS. Nayeb Asadollah & A. Aalianvari & H. HajialibeigiArabian Journal of Geosciences1-10-2018
6Estimation of water seepage from Azad dam foundation using multivariated geostatistic and comparison with observed flowA AALIANVARI, MS SOLTANI, M MIRIGEOSCIENCES2019
7جانمایی بهینه افقی میان فضاهای بزرگ مقیاس در سنگ های با تناوب سخت و سست-مطالعه موردی فضاهای زیرزمینی نیروگاه تلمبه ذخیره ای آزاد کردستانعلی عالی انوری-سیدمحمد هاشمی جبلینشریه سد و نیروگاه برق آبی2017-5-01
8A discrepancy between observed and predicted NATM tunnel behaviors and updating: a case study of the Sabzkuh tunnelTaromi& Eftekhari& Khademi& AalianvariB ENG GEOL ENVIRON0-0-01
9Combination of engineering geological data and numerical modeling results to classify the tunnel route based on the groundwater seepageAli AalianvariGEOMECHANICS AND ENGINEERING0-0-01
10Estimation of geomechanical parameters of tunnel route using geostatistical methods.Aalianvari& Soltanimohammadi&RahemiGEOMECHANICS AND ENGINEERING0-0-01
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