Effect of a magnetic field on Schwinger mechanism in de Sitter spacetime

نویسندگانEhsan Bavarsad- Sang Pyo Kim- Clément Stahl-SheSheng Xue
ارائه به نام دانشگاهUniversity of Kashan
شماره صفحات025017
شماره سریال2
شماره مجلد97
نوع مقالهOriginal Research
تاریخ انتشار2018-01-25
رتبه نشریهعلمی - پژوهشی
نوع نشریهچاپی
کشور محل چاپایالات متحدهٔ امریکا
نمایه نشریهISI, Scopus
چکیده مقاله

We investigate the effect of a uniform magnetic field background on scalar QED pair production in a four-dimensional de Sitter spacetime (dS4). We obtain a pair production rate which agrees with the known Schwinger result in the limit of Minkowski spacetime and with Hawking radiation in dS spacetime in the zero electric field limit. Our results describe how the cosmic magnetic field affects the pair production rate in cosmological setups. In addition, using the zeta function regularization scheme we calculate the induced current and examine the effect of a magnetic field on the vacuum expectation value of the current operator. We find that, in the case of a strong electromagnetic background the current responds as EB, while in the infrared regime, it responds as B/E, which leads to a phenomenon of infrared hyperconductivity. These results for the induced current have important applications for the cosmic magnetic field evolution.

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