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1A Boundary Element Formulation for the Heterogeneous Functionally Graded Viscoelastic StructuresH. Ashrfi, M. Shariyat, S.M.R. KhaliliApplied Mathematics and Computation2013
2A Computational Matrix Inversion Approach for Analysis of Contact Problems between any Rigid Nano-indenter and Viscoelastic BodiesH. Ashrafi, M. FaridAerospace Mechanics Journal2010
3A Finite Element Formulation of Contact Problems for Viscoelastic Structures, Based on the Generalized Maxwell Relaxation ModelH. Ashrafi, M. FaridAerospace Mechanics Journal2009
4A full compatible three-dimensional elasticity element for buckling analysis of FGM rectangular plates subjected to various combinations of biaxial normal and shear loadsK. Asemi, M. Shariyat, M. Salehi, H. AshrafiFinite Elements in Analysis and Design2013
6A Mathematical Approach for Describing Time-Dependent Poisson's Ratios of Periodontal LigamentsH. Ashrafi, M. ShariyatJournal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering2012
7A Mathematical Boundary Integral Equation Analysis of Standard Viscoelastic Solid PolymersH. Ashrafi M. FaridComputational Mathematics and Modeling2009
8A New Mathematical Modeling of Contact Treatment between an Orthotropic Material and a Rigid IndenterH. Ashrafi , M. Mahzoon , M. ShariyatIranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering2012
9A new numerical approach for the contact analysis between a spherical nanoindenter on the surface of viscoelastic half-spaceH. Ashrafi, M. Farid M. KasraeiIranian Journal of Surface Science and Engineering2011
10A Numerical Lagrangian Approach for Analysis of Contact Viscoelastic ProblemsH. Ashrafi, M. ShariyatComputational Mathematics and Modeling2014
11A three - dimensional comparative study of isoparametric graded boundary and finite element methods for nonhomogeneous FGM plates with eccentric cutoutsH. Ashrafi, M. ShriyatInternational Journal of Computational Methods2017
12A three-dimensional boundary element stress and bending analysis of transversely/longitudinally graded plates with circular cutouts under biaxial loadingAshrafi, H. Shariyat, M. Asemi, K.European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids2013
13A Three-Dimensional Comparative Study of the Isoparametric Graded Boundary and Finite Element Methods for Nonhomogeneous FGM Plates with Eccentric Cutouts.Shariyat, M. Ashrafi HInternational Journal of Computational Methods2017
14A time-domain boundary element method for quasistatic thermoviscoelastic behavior modeling of the functionally graded materialsAshrafi, H. Shariyat, M. Asemi, K.International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design2013
15A visco-hyperelastic model for brain tissue response analysis under traumatic brain injuriesH. Ashrafi, M. ShriyatArchives of Trauma Research2017
16A Visco-Hyperelastic Model for Prediction of The Brain Tissue Response and The Traumatic Brain InjuriesAshrafi, H. Shariyat, MArchives of Trauma Research2017
17An analytical model of burnishing forces using slab methodR Teimouri, S Amini, H AshrafiP I MECH ENG E-J PRO2019
18An augmented lagrangian finite element approach for the tribological analysis of frictional contact problems in viscoelastic systemsH. Ashrafi, M. Farid and M. KasraeiIranian Journal of Surface Science and Engineering2010
19An FEM Approach for Three-Dimensional Thermoviscoelastic Stress Analysis of Orthotropic Cylinders Made of PolymersH. Ashrafi, H. Keshmiri, M.R. Bahadori, M. ShariyatAdvanced Materials Research2013
20Analysis of Heat Conduction in a Quadratic Functionally Graded Plane by Boundary Element Method Based on the Variable Transmission ApproachA Shaker, M. Khodadad, H AshrafiJournal of Aerospace Mechanics2020
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