Synthesis of diheteroaryl thioethers using modified nanostarch

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همایشبیست و پنجمین سمینار شیمی آلی ایران
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چکیده مقالهPolymeric nanoparticles as catalytic systems have potential to show greater efficiency in catalytic transformations. On the other hand, interest in nanostarch as catalyst supports has been increasing because of their easy execution, increased product yields, simple work-up procedures, and recoverability of the catalyst.1 Nanostarch is a natural, biocompatible, biodegradable, and renewable polymer, which is modified by acidic and basic groups.2 Diheteroaryl thioethers have broad spectrum of medicinal applications and many biologically natural products. These heterocyclic compounds are also reported in organic reactions as important intermediates.3,4 Herein, we present a concise and efficient method for the synthesis of diheteroaryl thioethers from easily available methyl ketones, iodine and thiourea using modified nanostarch as green and an efficient catalyst (Scheme 1). Starch nanoparticles were prepared using the precipitation of amorphous1 and modified by amino acid. The methodology is simple, rapid and practical, generating diheteroaryl thioethers in excellent isolated yields.