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1The Role of Solution and Coagulation Temperatures in Crystalline Structure, Morphology, Roughness, Pore Diameter Distribution, and Separation Properties of Nanoporous Membranes Fabricated Via Phase InversionA. Akbari, M. Hamadanian, M. Bojaran, A. YunessniaLehi, and V. JabbariSeparation Science and Technology2012
2Dye removal from colored textile wastewater using acrylic grafted nanomembraneMasoud Amini, Mokhtar Arami, Niyaz Mohammad Mahmoodi, Ahmad AkbariDesalination2011
3Electrospun Titanium Dioxide Nanofibers: Fabrication, Properties and Its Application in Photo-Oxidative Degradation of Methyl Orange (MO)Masood Hamadanian, Ahmad Akbari, Vahid JabbariFibers and Polymers2011
4Preparation of polysulfone nano-structured membrane for sulphate ions removal from waterM. Homayoonfal, A. Akbari,J. Environ. Health. Sci. Eng2010
5Preparation of polysulfone nanofiltration membranes by UV-assisted grafting polymerization for water softeningMaryam Homayoonfal, Ahmad Akbari, Mohammad Reza MehrniaDesalination2010
6Synthesis and characterization of composite polysulfone membranes for desalination in nanofiltration techniqueA. Akbari, M. Homayonfal and V. JabbariWater Science and Technology (WST)2010
7Fabrication of Nanofiltration Membrane from Polysulfone Ultrafiltration Membrane Via Photo PolymerizationA. Akbari, M. Homayoonfal,International Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (IJNN)2009
8Modification and characterization of prepared polysulfone ultrafiltration membranes via photografted polymerization: Effect of different additivesM. Amini, M. Homayoonfal, M. Arami, A. AkbariDesalination and Water Treatment2009
9Preparation of Nanofiltration Membranes via UV Photo-grafting Technique for Separation of Acid Dyes at Different pH ValuesM. Amini, M. Arami, A. Akbari, N. M. MahmoodiColor.Sci. Tech2008
10Application of nanofiltration hollow fibre membranes, developed by photografting, to treatment of anionic dye solutionsA. Akbari, S. Desclaux, J.C. Rouch, J.C. RemigyJ. Membr. Sci2007
11Numerical simulation of a UV photografting process for hollow-fiber membranesT. Goma-Bilongo, A. Akbari, M.J. Clifton and J.-C. RemigyJ. Membr. Sci2006
12New UV-photografted nanofiltration membranes for the treatment of colored textile dye effluentsA. Akbari, S. Desclaux, J.C. Rouch, J.C. Remigy, P. AptelJ. Membr. Sci2006
13Improvement of a method for the characterization of ultrafiltration membranes by measurements of tracers retentionC. Causserand, S. Rouaix, A. Akbari and P. AimarJ. Membr. Sci2004
14Treatment of textile dye effluents using a polyamide based nanofiltration membraneA. Akbari, J.C. Remigy, P. AptelChem. Eng. Prog2002/08/20
15Treatment of textile dye effluents using a new photografted nanofiltration membraneA. Akbari, S. Desclaux, J.C. Remigy, P. AptelDesalination2002
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