MnO2 Nanoparticles as Efficient Oxidant for Ultrasound-Assisted Synthesis of 2-substituted Benzimidazoles under Mild Conditions

نویسندگانحسین نعیمی,زهرا بابایی قریشوند
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نوع مقالهFull Paper
تاریخ انتشار2015-09-11
رتبه نشریهعلمی - پژوهشی
نوع نشریهالکترونیکی
کشور محل چاپایران
نمایه نشریهISI ,SCOPUS

چکیده مقاله

In this article, a novel method for synthesis of 2-substituted benzimidazoles using MnO2 nanoparticles as a convenient oxidant agent in ethanol-water (1:1) as solvent under ultrasound irradiation was demonstrated. In this protocol the desired products were purely obtained in high yields. The main advantages of this research are: mild procedure, simplicity of method, easily work-up, high yields, and short reaction times. The MnO2 nanoparticles were synthesized through a solid-state reaction route using simple strarting materials. Furthermore, their structure was characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR).

tags: Aryl aldehyde, Benzimidazoles, MnO2 nanoparticles, O-phenylenedia-mine, ultrasound irradiation